Hello friends,

I’m Coach Deedee and I'm so very pleased to make your acquaintance.

I am a coach for parents of transgender children wanting to rapidly transform their parent-child relationship into one filled with love and support.  


I hone my compassion for people in “difficult situations”  and experience as an educator, curriculum leader, certified life coach and parent of a transgender child to develop client focused programming. 


I‘ve carried my passion for mindset work to help others improve their relationship with others, lose weight, and transform their relationships with themselves.

Why I Should Be Your Coach


I spent too many years on the struggle bus: overweight, challenged by divorce, single parenting of a transgender teen, and feeling limited in aspects of a career that I loved. 


As an avid personal development devotee,  I knew that if I ever found a solution I'd want to share it with as many people as I could.  In 2019, while  seeking a permanent weight loss solution I was  introduced to thoughtwork and self coaching. To my amazement not only did it solve my lifelong weight battle, it also created new levels of self-love, acceptance and transformed my strained relationships. I know that without these tools I would have destroyed the relationship I have with my child when he came out as transgender.


I made it a personal mission to learn more about mindset tools and practices so that I can help others have the gift that I'd been given.


About Life Coaching With Me


My role as a life coach is to help you overcome present obstacles in your thinking that keep you from obtaining the life you’d like to have. Sessions are confidential and held in a private office.  They consist of individual tailored instructional tools and counsel as well as therapeutic coaching sessions to overcome challenges.  You not only gain practical skills, but the necessary mindset tools to integrate those skills into your life permanently.    All sessions are  designed to provide clients with measurable outcomes and an array of strategies to self coach and continue growth and application between sessions.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the complimentary coaching session really free?

Yes, it is


What does a complimentary session involve?

The session involves viewing your current state, goals, mindset tools, self-coaching strategies, and my coaching program preview


What happens after a complimentary session?

After the complimentary session, continued support is provided in various forms depending on the needs and desires of the individual: People choose to continue with transformative individual coaching, enroll in the self-paced course, enroll in the FB support group or FB page, utilize the self-coaching tools or any of the aforementioned.  We work together during the complimentary session to decide what option is best for you.


Is coaching like therapy?

A therapist or counselor often analyzes their client’s past, as a tool for understanding and helping them overcome present behaviors. A life coach focuses on the present thoughts and behaviors. They can teach you how to manage your mind and influence your present to design your own future.


Some of my clients find coaching very complimentary to therapy, while others want to bypass therapy or are “graduates of therapy” and find themselves ready for practical life application and support.


Am I a good candidate for life coaching?

I believe that anyone wanting to obtain better results in life would be an ideal candidate for coaching. If one is at a point of chronically not being able to function due to past or current trauma they should seek the help of a therapist.


I don’t have a transgender loved one can I still benefit from PRIDE coaching?

Yes, PRIDE Coaching: Peaceful Relationships: Imagined, Designed and experiences will be greatly beneficial to you if your desire is to improve any relationship, including the one with yourself.

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