Parenting Transgender Children


Our relationship with our children is one of the most significant relationships we have. When your child tells you they are transgender you may feel worried, overwhelmed and uncertain about how your child’s future and your parent-child relationship will be impacted.


Hi friend. My name is Deedee and I was where you are as a caring parent.  The only “real-life”  (known) example I had of a transgender person, wasn’t positive. Despite seeing online teen gender reveal parties, prompts to celebrate my child’s new identity, or having comfort that my child trusted me enough to share his truth: I was scared.


Yet, I had an advantage. I had acquired mindset tools that allowed me to transform my life in many aspects. I wondered if the same tools and practices could help transform my relationship with my teen as well.




I was delighted to discover that I could quickly transform my parent-child relationship, get out of my own way and create the capacity to support my child at the time he needed me most. 


From that vantage point, I was better able to see the desperate need of more children to be able to be supported and affirmed by loved ones of my generation who want to help but are lost regarding the best course of action.



I knew I felt a special call to help other parents and loved ones of transgender children work through their own issues and be able to help support their kids.


The relationship we have with our children is invaluable. 


We both know that you’ve got to get this right


you’ve got to get it right, 

Right Now!

 When does your child need support?




You have to support them! 

Let me support you.

You don’t have to take this journey alone.


I want to help!

Transforming your relationship with yourself and your child starts with one simple decision. Seek out help:


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Complimentary Transformational Consultation 

In this private virtual meeting, we'll create an individual program to help you achieve the parent-child relationship you desire. I will also provide you with tools to enhance your self coaching and create immediate initial life changing results.


This is a valuable opportunity and a time investment for both of us. Please make sure you are in a comfortable distraction-free place with reliable internet connection. I'm looking forward to sharing powerful life changing tools with you.