Characteristics Needed to Transform Any Relationship

Jul 14, 2023

There are three characteristics that can help you transform any relationship, including the one with yourself. First; Be willing to change: A willingness to change doesn’t mean you have to change or should change. It only means you are truly open to the possibility of doing so.

 One of the final factors in my ending of a five year romantic relationship was when the person said there was absolutely nothing or no one that could make him change his perspective. While such resolute thinking may be beneficial in the pursuit of a personal goal, it is the deathblow of relationship building. If you are not open to the possibility of changing you are essentially saying I plan to stay stuck in the place I find myself. Successful relationships dictate that we have openness and vulnerability.

Second, be open to asking for help initially, and asking for help again when needed. As much as independence is admired as a trait; I know that I have made the most gains in my life when I have sought help. Seeking help in losing weight via coaching; seeking accountability in becoming a certified life coach are just two of my latest efforts to obtain help. If you are trying to achieve something big or small, ask yourself if this task would be easier or more enjoyable with the help of another.

Third, be willing to be wrong. Our brain will often dramatize the impact of being wrong, i.e. human. Sometimes the fear of being wrong can even prevent us from taking action at all. In all of our relationships we not only want to be open to the possibility of being wrong but we want to acknowledge, state, and turn down the drama surrounding being wrong. Be the poster child of how to be wrong with poise and grace. If it is warranted, make a sincere apology, offer recompense and move forward.

Build your personal growth on a foundation of  of love and self-compassion. Again, our brains may want to attribute negativity or a personal shortcoming when you encounter stumbling blocks during change; asking for help, or doing something that you don't like. This is the time you need to remind yourself that you are human and  lovingly give yourself permission to fail forward ,knowing that doing so is taking you closer to the person you desire to be.

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