The Gift of a Magic Wand

futurefocus normal parenting parentsoftranskids transgender Aug 17, 2022

Honestly, If I could have waved a magic wand seven years ago I would have chosen to not have my child come out as transgender. I say this as a well meaning parent that would have rather not have my child face additional scrutiny, judgement and discrimination. However, my perspective was limited by a future that I could not see or imagine.

 Today, I am often thankful that there wasn’t a magic wand available to me. This has been (and still is)  a journey that has made me more aware, patient, loving, kind and my child more resilient, creative, daring, and serving. We have both evolved in our humanity as a result of my child being transgender. 

So now if given the magic wand to wave, I believe I'd want to change the world.  Maybe to get rid of the hatred imposed by homophobic, racist, and sexist others...but I wonder... Could my perspective still be limited by a future that I cannot see or imagine.  Can our society evolve in like manner. What are your thoughts?

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