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Parent of a transgender child

You have the power to design the relationship you want with yourself, your partner, your parents and your children.

Designing an incredible  relationship you want with yourself is the ultimate level of personal satisfaction. When you’re able to create a healthy relationship with yourself you can begin to do things that you never thought possible: keep weight off for good, get the job of your dreams, write the book, have a more nurturing relationship and achieve whatever goal you want in life; but what about designing relationships with others? How is that possible you may wonder...After all aren’t they an equal part of the relationship? How can I determine what they will do, say, or think? Here’s the secret: You don’t have to.

 You never have to determine how another person act; what they will say; or how they should think to have a positive relationship. To be quite honest  this type of control often has the opposite impact and can strain the relationships we value the most. 

Your relationship with another person consist of the thoughts, feelings and actions you have toward the person. That means you can decide before the other person enters the room how you want to feel about them. Do you know how awesome that is? You my friend are and will always be the decisive element in the room! So go out there and use your power for good.  

Here is my question to you? Has there been a relationship in your life that you made a decision to influence and change? Maybe you didn’t like the  way it had been or the way it was headed. How did you use your power to change the relationship? How has that decision served you and the other person in a positive way?

By working with a relationship coach you can gain valuable tools to transform your most important relationships and work through obstacles preventing you from fostering the relationship you desire.

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