Coaching for Parents of Transgender Children

Are you worried about the future of your LGBTQ child?


Do you question their stated identity or your parenting?


Do you want to maintain or develop an optimal relationship with your child, but not sure how?


Do you have concerns about your future relationship with your child?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with aspects of being the parent of a transgender child.

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

I can help you gain peace and solace in your parent-child relationship


A friend saw a picture of my 16 year old and remarked about how happy we looked.  I smiled, briefly considered her comment and said we truly are.  Getting to that point wasn’t a fluke and it wasn’t instantaneous. To be honest, I was temporarily devastated when my child came out as transgender. Outwardly, I attempted to be supportive and strong for my child, but inwardly: I  feared for my child’s future, questioned my parenting, and questioned his identity. I struggled with questions of faith and thoughts of how family and friends would accept my child.  It was at that point that every coaching tool I learned to lose and sustain a substantial weight loss for many years became important to me. Having the tools to maintain a desired weight was wonderful BUT this was the most important person in my life! 


It was essential for me to get this right: 

I did and I can help you do the same.

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Complimentary Transformational Consultation 

In this private virtual meeting, we will create an individual program to help you achieve the parent-child relationship you desire. I will also provide you with tools to enhance your self coaching and create immediate initial life changing results.


This is a valuable opportunity and a time investment for both of us. Please make sure you are in a comfortable distraction-free place with reliable internet connection. I'm looking forward to sharing powerful life changing tools with you.